Amsterdam Colloquium 2007

Amsterdam Colloquium 2007: Programme

Monday 17 December

09.00 -- 10.00 registration

10.00 -- 11.00 invited speaker: Patrick Blackburn

11.15 -- 12.45

How to unify restrictive and non-restrictive if-clauses

Janneke Huitink

Discourse Coherence and VP Ellipsis with Split Antecedents

Adam Charles Baker

Meaning and use of rhetorical questions

Markus Egg

Quantification in than-clauses

Sveta Krasikova

Grammatical inference by specialization as a state splitting strategy

Isabelle Tellier

Pluractionality vs. Discontinuity

Sergei Tatevosov

14.00 -- 15.30

Contextuality as Supervenience

Manfred Kupffer

Quantification in existential codas

Itamar Francez

Quotation marks as monsters, or the other way around?

Emar Maier

Subtrigging, Counterparts and Laws

Jacques Jayez and Lucia Tovena

Causal reference and inverse scope as mixed quotation

Chung-chieh Shan

Evolutionary stability of games with costly signaling

Gerhard Jaeger

16.00 -- 17.00 invited speaker: Louise McNally

19.00 -- 20.00 welcome drinks (offered by the municipality)

Tuesday 18 December

09.00 -- 10.00 invited speaker: Anna Szabolcsi

10.00 -- 12.30

Unifying Presupposition and Scalar Implicature Projections

Emmanuel Chemla

Temporal and Circumstantial Dependence in Counterfactual Modals

Dorit Abusch

Specificity and implicatures

Ljudmila Geist and Edgar Onea

Resultatives and Dynamic Semantics

Agnes Bende-Farkas

The Epistemics of Presupposition Projection

Christina Unger and Jan van Eijck

Aspect and coercion in Ancient Greek

Corien Bary and Markus Egg

Quantity Implicatures in Extended Logic Programming

Gerben Klaas Dirk de Vries

Tense, abilities and actuality entailment

Alda Mari and Fabienne Martin

14.00 -- 18.00 Workshop on Uninterpretability

14.00 -- 15.00 invited speaker: Pauline Jacobson

15.00 -- 17.00 position statements:

Modes of Spell-out and Interpretabiliy

Elabbas Benmamoun


Orin Percus

Uninterpretable negative features on negative indefinites

Doris Penka

Modal verbs in complement clauses - redundant or not?

Jennifer Rau

English past and perfect as semantically vacuous mood markers

Katrin Schulz

17.00 -- 18.00 invited speaker: Angelika Kratzer

18.00 -- 18.30 Lustrum celebration of L&P (offered by Springer)

20.00 -- 21.00 Beth Lecture, Vienna Circle Lecture: Graham Priest

Wednesday 19 December

09.00 -- 10.00 invited speaker: David Beaver

10.00 -- 12.30

Partition  semantics of at least and at most

Katsuhiko Yabushita

The Pragmatics of Biscuit Conditionals

Michael Franke

Inclusive and exclusive plurals reconciled by the strongest meaning hypothesis

Donka Farkas and Henriette de Swart

Breaking the boundaries: LFG and HPSG in a common type-logical setting

Miltiadis Kokkonidis

Dynamics of Reflexivity and Reciprocity

Sarah Murray

David Lewis meets Arthur Prior Again

Katsuhiko Sano

Mass nouns and plural logic

David Nicolas

Counterfactual conditionals and dynamic laws

Katrin Schulz

14.00 -- 16.30

The Semantics of Wh-Questions with the Verbal "How" in Mandarin

Hongyuan Dong

Low Risk Quantifiers. A Game-Theoretical Approximation to the DP-Restriction on IV2-Presentationals

Hans-Martin Gaertner

On the Logic of Communicative Acts

Christian Plunze

On the optimal use of almost and barely in argumentation

Richard van Gerrevink and Helen de Hoop

Exhaustivity, Focus and Incorporation in Hungarian

Edgar Onea

Intervention Effects for Inverse Scope Readings: A DRT Account

Manfred Sailer

On the Semantics of Modal Particle de in Mandarin Chinese

Zhiguo Xie

The Relevance of Possibility

Tikitu de Jager and Michael Franke

17.00 -- 18.00 invited speaker: James Pustejovsky