Amsterdam Colloquium 2019

Super Linguistics Workshop

Notes from the organizers on the reviewing process


Given that Super Linguistics is a nascent field, and many scholars working in this area have had exchanges at some stage, we will follow the following guidelines for handling potential conflicts of interest.


  1. If co-organiser X has a conflict of interest with regards to a given submission (e.g., same research group, supervisor-supervisee relationship, etc), another co-organiser Y assigns suitable reviewers, and asks for those reviews to be sent by email; Y (or one of the AC organisers) then uploads the reviews onto Easychair.
  2. If both of the organisers are in a conflict of interest with a given submission, the reviewing process for this particular submission is deferred to the AC organising committee.
  3. A mix of specialist and non-specialist reviewers will be assigned to each abstract.
  4. If one of the organisers is in a conflict of interest with a given author (e.g., where the author argues against the organiser's approach), then that organiser cannot contribute to deciding the outcome of that author's abstract. In such cases, the organiser not in a conflict of interest should decide the outcome of that abstract on the basis of the reviewers' comments.