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August 4-15, 2008



LaCoLanguage & Computation
LaLoLanguage & Logic
LoCoLogic & Computation

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Semantic relation extraction and its applications

The Computational Linguistics community has shown a renewed interest in deeper semantic analysis, among them the automatic recognition of semantic relations between pairs of concepts in text (such as noun - noun, adjective - noun, verb - verb). This course will provide a short introduction to major concepts, but will mainly focus on recent developments in the area of semantic relations. It introduces material that is relevant both to computer science and linguistics. Topics include various representation schemes required for semantic analysis of concept pairs in context. Participants will become familiar with the techniques and tools needed to develop semantic-based systems. For example, the course will also cover fundamental issues in building advanced tools for Computational Semantics such as Semantic Parsing, and will present its application to Multilingual Question Answering, Machine Translation, and Text-to-Image Generation. In the second part, the course will also tackle other advanced issues, such as techniques and challenges in automatic semantic processing of multilingual corpora, as well as inference procedures derived from chains of semantic relations.

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