LogICCC Meets India

All eight CRPs ("collaborative research projects") of LogICCC will be represented at LogICCC Meets India. You can find a list of the CRPs here. There will be ten presentations given by the following speakers.
CFSC Ulle Endriss (Amsterdam, The Netherlands)
DiFoS Jesse Alama (Lisbon, Portugal)
Benedikt Löwe (Amsterdam, The Netherlands)
Sara Uckelman (Amsterdam, The Netherlands)
GASICS Wolfgang Thomas (Aachen, Germany)
LcpR Gernot Kleiter (Salzburg, Austria)
LINT Jouko Väänänen (Helsinki, Finland)
Dietmar Berwanger (Cachan, France)
LoMoReVI Christian Fermüller (Vienna, Austria)
SSEAC Rudolf Berghammer (Kiel, Germany)
VAAG Peter Gärdenfors (Lund, Sweden)

In addition, we hope that a number of junior members of LogICCC will submit papers for the ICLA conference and represent the research done in LogICCC in the main conference programme. For this purpose, we are offering travel stipends for LogICCC members.

  • Dates
  • ICLA 2011 Submission Deadline:
    31 July 2010
  • LogICCC Travel Stipends Deadline:
    31 August 2010
  • LogICCC Meets India:
    7-8 January 2011
  • ICLA 2011
    9-11 January 2011
  • Contact
  • bloewe at science dot uva dot nl