TbiLLC 2017: Twelfth International Tbilisi Symposium
on Language, Logic and Computation


This installment TbiLLC will host a two workshops. Talk titles and abstracts will appear here in due time.


Transmodal perspectives on secondary meaning

Daniel Hole, Daniel Gutzmann and Katharina Thurgay.


Logic, Algebra, Categories and Quantitative Models

This workshop will focus on the application of mathematical techniques from the fields of logic, algebra and category theory in quantitative areas such as probability theory and economics. A characteristic feature of research in this direction is the combination of "structural" techniques from abstract mathematics with concrete numerical methods. Such research is also motivated by applications to areas of computer science such as probabilistic programming, verification of probabilistic systems, and distributed systems.

Organisers: Alexander Kurz (Leicester, UK); Alex Simpson (Ljubljana, Slovenia)

Speakers: Radu Mardare (Aalburg, Denmark), Matteo Mio (Lyon, France), Marcus Pivato (Université de Cergy-Pontoise, France, TBC), Sam Staton (Oxford, UK)