Cool Logic

Stefan Pliquett (ILLC)

∀ and ∃: A study of Love, Logic and Desaster

January 31st at 17:30, in ILLC Seminar Room (F1.15)

The names of ∀belard and ∃loise are familiar to most of us from game-theoretic semantics. But not all of us might know the people behind the game. In this talk we encounter 12th century logician and philosopher Peter Abelard and his student Heloise and learn about the extraordinary nature of the love between them. We show to which deeds they were driven and how they succeeded to abide in the face of rough circumstances -- academic and otherwise. On the way we will encounter some of the intellectual debates Abelard engaged in, such as the discussion concerning genera and species: whether they subsist, whether they are bare, pure isolated conceptions, whether, if subsistent, they are corporeal or incorporeal, or whether they are separated from or in sensible objects, and other related matters. Finally, to edify our souls and change us to the better, we will delve into Abelard’s ethico-theological thought. This will not only provide us with new insights into the nature of sin, but will also inform us about certain cirumstances under which desiring our neighbour’s spouse might not be so blameworthy after all.

Prerequisites: No formal education in mathematical logic or philosophy is required. Rudimentary first hand experience with base thoughts and deeds is desirable, though.