Cool Logic

Suzanne van Wijk (ILLC)

Coalition in Epistemic Planning

September 18th at 18:00, in F1.15 ILLC seminar room

Epistemic planning is an adaptation of a field in artificial intelligence, called automated planning, which develops algorithms that find plans that an agent can follow to reach his goal. Epistemic planning has the same intentions, but uses dynamic epistemic logic to define the planning problems and the plans, using the knowledge of the agent in the definition of a solution. I will present (part of) my thesis, where I extended epistemic planning to be able to deal with multiple acting agents, rather than just one. I will present the framework I developed, consisting of action control models and static control models, which are a combination of the standard models of DEL (Dynamic Epistemic Logic) and a semantic interpretation of STIT (seeing to it that), and I introduce a logic that talks about the knowledge of (coalitions of) agents and their power, and I show how this framework can be used to define a solution to multi-agent planning problems. Time permitting, I will also introduce a way for the agents to commit to certain actions, thereby enabling a group of agents to coordinate on which joint action to take.