Cool Logic

Leïla Bussière (ILLC)

Come to the dark ages, we have logics!

December 15th at 18:00, in F1.15, ILLC Seminar Room

Insights into the history of logic in the Western Middle Ages

From the beginning of the 11th century to the last sparks of scholasticism in the 16th, logic had a central role in the Western educational scene. Seen as a necessary foundation for any theoretical research, logical studies were also undertaken for themselves, as the meeting point of philosophical exploration into meaning and reasoning, and formal inquiry into the underlying structures of language. As such, medieval logics cover a variety of topics, going from elaborating a theory of Aristotelian syllogism to reflecting on the structure of modalities and tenses, accounting for fallacies and paradoxes, and even exploring the ontological structure underlying reference.

How did medieval logics evolve, moving between formal accounts and philosophical insights? What can they teach us? Come on Friday, December 15th to find out!