Mentoring Programme

AC2022 is proud to host a Pop-Up Mentoring Program (PUMP) event. PUMP (sponsored by the LSA Committee on Gender Equity) provides on-site, one-off mentoring meetings at linguistics conferences around the world. PUMP matches one or more mentees with mentors who can provide quick but personalized career advice to anyone at any stage, in any location, and in any career: anyone can be a mentee or mentor, the more the merrier. The Amsterdam Colloquium includes a diversified community (linguists, philosophers, logicians, cognitive scientists, computer scientists, … ). We encourage everyone to participate in the mentoring program.


You can register as a mentee here, and as a mentor here. We almost always have a lot of mentee interest so we especially encourage relatively senior researchers to apply as mentors if they think they can. The deadline for registering as a mentee or a mentor for this event is December 11


We suggest that mentor-mentee meetings take place during the lunch breaks. The lunch breaks are catered and quite extensive, and we do hope that participants are able to coordinate and participate in both the poster session and the mentoring event.


After you register, you will receive an email matching you with your mentor or mentee, with details about how to meet. Please email Jessica Rett ( and Marco Degano ( for questions about the AC2022 PUMP event.