Liven up your Usually Non-productive Consumption Hour

LUNCH is a newly launched seminar series on topics in philosophy, linguistics, cognitive science, mathematics, computer science and related fields of interest. Our target audience is everyone at the Institute for Logic, Language, and Computation.

The LUNCH seminar is intended to be a nice way to spend your lunch hour once a month. The talks will be fairly high-level and interactive. Speakers will include members of the ILLC as well as guests from other universities and research institutions.

We will provide a light lunch for those attending, and you're more than welcome to bring along your own lunch from home.

For questions, comments, or compliments, please contact the organisers Sirin Botan & Zoi Terzopoulou.

Past Talks:

Thursday November 22th: Federica Russo—Why going informational: a gentle introduction

Technology is pervasive in science and in everyday life. To be sure, it has always been. And yet, a special class of technologies – namely digital technologies – are making this pervasiveness also radical. Radical in the way we understand the world, ourselves, and the relation between the two. This, in a nutshell, reconstructs one of the goals of the philosophy of information (PI). In this talk I will spell out the stance PI takes towards digital technologies and explore its potential for two ideas: (i) that we have reasons to explore a process-based (rather than entity-based) ontology, (ii) that technologies have a fundamental role in the construction of knowledge.