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To attend, please register by completing the form below and paying the required registration fee. We welcome everyone interested in the topic of this conference to participate (*). Depending on your academic seniority and personal employment situation, we give participants the choice to decide themselves on the appropriate level of the registration fee (ranging from the levels Bronze to Diamond).


All levels from Bronze to Diamond will give equal right to attend the conference. Participants will be issued a receipt of payment by the institute for Logic, Language and Computation at the University of Amsterdam who manages the collection of the funding on behalf of the co-organizing institutions.   All the received amounts for the registration fees and donations will be used to: a) financially help our colleagues at universities in Ukraine who are in financial need, many of whom have lost their homes. b) to support the charitable fund 'Voices of children', a nonprofit organization with state registration number 43381277, which provides humanitarian aid and currently helps in the ongoing evacuation processes (Голоси дітей (

Participants who in addition to the registration fee can donate a larger amount are welcome to do so via the donation page.

A full financial report about how the funding is used will be made available on this website after the event. The conditions of operation for this conference, specifying the conditions of transparency, accountability, appropriateness and fairness of the utilization of the funds raised in the event are specified here.

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(*) Due to the current sanctions against Russian institutions and their implementation for Dutch knowledge institutions, we cannot accept participation by researchers who list a Russian or Belarusian institution as their affiliation. But we welcome participation by researchers of every nationality, provided they register to the conference either as individual researchers (i.e. by listing "Individual researcher" as their affiliation), or listing another affiliation to an institution that is not located in the above-mentioned countries.