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This page concerns the Algebra|Coalgebra Seminar at the Institute for Logic, Language & Computation (ILLC) of the University of Amsterdam. The purpose of the seminar is to disseminate results and insights about and around algebraic and coalgebraic methods in logic .

News & Future meetings

Note: The meeting ID has changed!
  • Title: Decidability and complexity for substructural logics with weakening or contraction
    Speaker: Revantha Ramanayake (University of Groningen)
    Date: Wednesday, 3 November 2021
    Time: 16:00 - 17:00 (CEST)
    Location: Online (Zoom Meeting ID 844-1353-6364)
  • Joint session with LIRa
    Title: TBA
    Speaker: Yanjing Wang (Peking University)
    Date: Thursday, 11 November 2021
    Time: 15:30 - 17:00 (CEST)
    Location: Online (Zoom link distributed through mailing list)
  • Title: TBA
    Speaker: Rajeev Gore (Australian National University, Australia)
    Date: Wednesday, 24 November 2021
    Time: TBA
    Location: Online (Zoom Meeting ID 844-1353-6364)


Previous Meetings

  • Title: Decidable fragments of first order modal logic [Slides]
    Speaker: R. Ramanujam (Institute of Mathematical Sciences, India)
    Date: Wednesday, 20 October 2021
    Time: 16:00 (CEST)
    Location: Online (Zoom Meeting ID 844-1353-6364)
  • Title: The homomorphism lattice of finite structures, unique characterization, and exact learnability. [Slides]
    Speaker: Balder ten Cate (ILLC)
    Date: Wednesday, 6 October 2021
    Time: 16:00 (CEST)
    Location: Online (Zoom Meeting ID 844-1353-6364)
  • Title: Cyclic hypersequent calculi for some modal logics with the master modality
    Speaker: Jan Rooduijn (ILLC)
    Date: Wednesday, 29 September 2021
    Time: 16:00 (CEST)
    Location: Online (Zoom Meeting ID 844-1353-6364)
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The seminar is currently organized by Bahareh Afshari, Benno van den Berg, Nick Bezhanishvili, Tobias Kappé and Yde Venema. If you're interested in giving a talk at the seminar or have any questions regarding the seminar please contact Tobias at

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