Graduate Philosophy Conference on Normativity

Graduate Philosophy Conference on Normativity: Conference Programme

Conference Programme

The conference programme consists of two keynote talks and thirteen graduate talks. The confirmed keynote speakers are Allan Gibbard (University of Michigan) and James O'Shea (University College Dublin).

The book of abstracts for the talks can be downloaded here.

The schedule for Friday and Saturday is:

Schedule for Friday

09:00-09:20 Welcome and Registration
09:20-09:30 Opening Note of the Conference Committee
09:30-10:10 Peter Schulte (University of Bielefeld) Moral and rational "oughts": The distinction between "demanding" and "recommending" normativity
Commentator: Bastiaan Hoorneman
10:15-10:55 Anthony Booth (Utrecht University) The Sources of Epistemic Normativity
Commentator: Martin Stokhof
10:55-11:10 Coffee Break
11:10-11:50 Camillia Kong (London School of Economics) Hume's Social Standards of Practical Rationality
Commentator: Chantal Bax
11:55-12:35 Catherine Sophia Herfeld (University of Witten/Herdecke) The Role of Normativity in Explaining Norm-conformity
Commentator: Michiel van Lambalgen
12:35-13:35 Lunch
13:35-14:15 Jennifer Frey (University of Pittsburgh) Two Assumptions about Norms
Commentator: Rosja Mastop
14:20-15:00 Manolo Martínez (Universitat de Barcelona) Adequate Explanations and the Disjunction Problem
Commentator: Marc Staudacher
15:00-15:15 Coffee Break
15:15-16:15 James O'Shea Normativity and Nonconceptual Representation: A Sellarsian Approach to Perceptual Experience
17:00-18:30 ILLC Boat Trip
19:00-23:00 Dinner

Schedule for Saturday

09:20-10:00 Andrea Lechler (University of Reading) The role of explicitness in assessing practical reasoning
Commentator: Edgar Andrade
10:05-10:45 Joshua Beattie (University of California, Berkeley) Assessment-Sensitivity and the Naturalistic Fallacy
Commentator: Rob van Someren Gréve
10:45-11:00 Coffee Break
11:00-11:40 Lars Dänzer (University of Bielefeld) How meaning might be normative
Commentator: Dora Achourioti
11:45-12:25 Christos Kyriacou (University of Edinburgh) Naturalism and Normativity
Commentator: Gijs van Donselaar
12:25-14:15 Lunch
14:15-14:55 Graham Peebles (University of Glasgow) Perception, Belief and Justification
Commentator: Frank Veltman
15:00-15:40 Giedre Vasiliauskaite (Rotterdam) Only a Chapter of Psychology? The Defense of Normative Naturalism in Epistemology
Commentator: Keith Stenning
15:40-15:55 Coffee Break
15:55-16:55 Allan Gibbard Rationality, Norms, and Meaning
17:30-18:30 Conference Drinks & Book Launch: Keith Stenning and Michiel van Lambalgen, 2008: "Human Reasoning and Cognitive Science". MIT Press.
19:00-23:00 Conference Dinner