What is the relationship between logic and

Logic and reasoning have been bedfellow, for better or worst, for quite a long time. Boole saw logic as nothing less than An investigation into the Laws of Thought, while Frege urged for an irrevocable split up. But even if modern logical literature is replete with attempts at getting closer to real-life reasoning (e.g. epistemic, fuzzy, conditional, intensional, paraconsistent, and other "non-classical" logics) the state of the relationship is still rather uncertain. Does logic describe reasoning? Does it provide normative standards for reasoning? For this third PALMYR, we are looking for young researchers from, but not only, Paris or Amsterdam interested to share their opinion on this long standing relationship.

Each PALMYR consist of two workshops, one in Paris and one in Amsterdam, and is aimed at fostering connections between two lively logic communities. As in the previous editions, each talk will be commented by a fellow researcher.