Registration for the Amsterdam Colloquium is open. For registration, please use this form. The registration deadline is December 12.


All presenting authors are required to register. Participants can also register upon arrival, but in this case the registration fee is 10 Euros higher and will have to be paid in cash.


The conference will also be accessible via zoom. Please fill in the registration form to receive the zoom links. To make the conference as accessible as possible, remote attendance is free. For those who wish, it is possible to contribute towards the cost of the conference via a voluntary donation (25 or 50 Euros).


Registration fees

  • Students: 110 Euro
  • Non-students: 175 Euro

Registration fees upon arrival (to be paid in cash)

  • Students: 120 Euro
  • Non-students: 185 Euro

Voluntary donation for remote participation

  • 0 Euro
  • 25 Euro
  • 50 Euro