Venue, Travel & Accommodation

The event will be held in the Amsterdam University College academic building located at Amsterdam Science Park .


Scan the QR code and discover what Amsterdam Science Park can offer. 


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Science Park 113, 1098 XG Amsterdam.




Travel Information

Public transport

  • By train
    Amsterdam Science Park has its own train station. To plan your journey efficiently, please go to the NS website (Dutch Railways)
  • By subway
    Amsterdam Amstel, bus 40 or 240
  • By Bus
    Bus 40 from train stations Amsterdam Muiderpoort and Amsterdam Amstel. Spitsbus 240 only from Amsterdam Amstel
  • Public transport + bike
    At the Amsterdam Amstel train station and also at the Amsterdam Muiderpoort train station it is perfectly possible to rent a bike (about 10 to 15 minutes to Amsterdam Science Park). To plan your journey efficiently and for the latest travel information, please go to 9292OV.

Parking your car

On Amsterdam Science Park, please follow the signposts to find the right parking lots. Each company or institute has its own rules with regard to visitors. Visitors are advised to contact the institute or company with which they have their appointment.


It may be difficult to find hotel rooms in Amsterdam in July, so we recommend booking sufficiently early. Even very basic hotels will usually cost around € 150 per night in Amsterdam. This is a list of hotels we recommend (all of these are currently between € 200 and € 225 per night, but we expect prices to go up over time):

For those travelling on a budget, we can recommend more affordable accommodation in neighbouring towns that have a direct train connection to Science Park, for example: Almere (60 min by public transport), Lelystad (90 min by public transport), Weesp (30 min by public transport), Hilversum (50 min by public transport). You can find the connection on the website