Panel Discussion

The academic panel on algorithmic injustice is scheduled at Monday June 26th at 15.30-17.00. 

The speakers are Jenneke Evers (eLaw, Leiden University), Agathe Balayn (Computer Science, TU Delft), Winnie Ma (Philosophy, Kings College London) and Sennay Ghebreab (Civic AI Lab, University of Amsterdam). 

Panel program: 

  • 15:30 – 16:15 Each panel member gives a short presentation about her/his work in relation to the central question of the panel discussion (10 min) 
  • 16:15 – 16:30 Comments/Questions by Marjolein and Katrin  
  • 16:30 – 17:00 General discussion  

Our distinguished speakers will each give a 10 minute talk about the relationship between their (latest) research and the following question: what should be the role of the scientist in the debate on algorithmic fairness? They will reflect on what questions we should try to answer according to their expertise; what concepts we should try to formulate or change and why; what the future of research on AI and fairness should be and, finally, what our responsibility as researchers should be.  

Speaker information 

Dr. Winnie Ma is a lecturer in Philosophy at KCL. She is also a Research Associate at the Sowerby Philosophy & Medicine Project, which is also based in the Department of Philosophy. In her role at the Sowerby Project, she recently organised an online summer colloquium series on Stereotyping & Medical AI. Her research focuses on areas of intersection between Epistemology and Ethics. She is interested in stereotyping and epistemic injustices, philosophy of AI and philosophy of medicine. 

Jenneke Evers works for the Raad van State and is a PhD-candidate at eLaw, the center for law and digital technology. She has been working on her PhD-thesis called ‘Calculating the Citizen’ which is about the use of data analytics within the constitutional state. Her work is part of the SCALES project that aims to 'design a regulatory & institutional framework to balance public interests and individual liberties in the use of data analytics'.  

Agathe Balayn is a PhD candidate at the Web Information Systems group of the Faculty of Engineering, Mathematics, and Computer Science (EEMCS/EWI), at TU Delft. Her research is focused on uncovering and understanding some of the harms and safety issues that the deployment of machine learning systems into society can raise, such as unfairness from systems’ outputs, data misrepresentations, disparities in production. Together with Seda Guerses she wrote the report ‘Beyond Debiasing: Regulating AI and its Inequalities’ for the European Digital Rights Association (EDRi). 

Prof. Dr. Sennay Ghebreab is Professor of Socially-Intelligent AI and Program Director Msc Data Science & Information Systems at the University of Amsterdam. He is the  Scientific Director of the Civic AI Lab, a project aimed at developing AI technology to increase equal opportunity in the fields of education, welfare, environment, mobility and health.