MONDAY, 26.6.2023

zoom link:

If you come in  person: Bushuis, F001

09:00 doors open 

09:45 welcome 

10:00 keynote by Su Lin Blodgett: Towards Equitable Language Technologies

11:15 coffee break 

11:30 Fanny Ducel, Aurélie Névéol and Karën Fort: Bias identification in language models is biased 

12:15 Charlotte Graafland, Laura Hartman, David Van Klaveren and Maartje Schermer: How to account for solidarity in treatment prediction models 

13:00 lunch break 

14:30 Gaurav Maheshwari, Aurélien Bellet, Pascal Denis and Mikaela Keller: Leveling up in intersectional fairness (slides)

15:15 coffee break 

15:30 panel discussion : What is our role as scientists in the debate on algorithmic injustice 

Jenneke Evers 

Agathe Balayn  

Winnie Ma 

Sennay Ghebreab

17:00 Wrap up 

17:15 End of day 1


TUESDAY, 27.6.2023

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10:00 keynote by Erin Beeghly: Disrespect, Harm, and Wrongful Stereotyping

11:15 coffee break 

11:30 Lieke Asma: The Nature of Bias in Decision-Making (slides)

12:15 Bogdana Rakova: Terms-we-serve-with: A critical feminist intervention in coming to terms with algorithmic systems

13:00 lunch break 

14:00 Noa Mor: Content moderation's backyard: Restricting visibility of content on digital platforms

14:45 Marijn Sax and Hao Wang: Transparency as premium service (slides)

15:30 coffee break 

16:00 Jenneke Evers: Calculating the child: The effects of ProKid23- on children’s right to privacy and non-discrimination

16:45 Wrap up/conclusions 

17:00 End of day 2

20:00 Spui-25 Event